Quantum Marlowe, Glenn Lazar Roberts, sci-fi, noir, novel

Glenn Lazar Roberts



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by Glenn Lazar Roberts


Pete Marlowe, a tiny but tough private detective in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is having a bad day. Mad scientists Jack Muck and Bob Montez of the M&M gang abduct him, lop off his little finger, and install a red button that enables him to walk through walls. "When Pinky gives them the finger, they stay fingered. Theyd targeted Pinky because his fast-talking con-artist Uncle Flynn had secretly unloaded the Blarney Stone on the Pope. Now they send in Pinky with his detachable finger to get it back. The clandestine operation involves the Vatican, church bells, a Mexican drug cartel, and a World War II Nazi project called Die Glocke. However, Pinky uncovers M&Ms real purpose and turns the tables, using their quantum mechanics and electron entanglements against them.