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The 13th Power Quest

Book 1

The 13th Power Journey

Book 2

The 13th Power War

Book 3

Undead in Paris

A Screenplay

Black Jack
The Pearl of Death
The Duplication Factor
The Grief Syndrome
Street Beat
Wilderness Rampage
Return Me to Mistwillow


Justin Graves





A new kind of justice is coming  

Texas Ranger JUSTIN GRAVES is a tenacious homicide detective and an outspoken advocate of victims' rights.  Respected by his peers and feared by criminals, they simply call him "Justice."  When he and his rebellious daughter, CHRISTY, are killed by her drug-dealer boyfriend, Justin makes a deal with the devil to save her soul: one hundred bad guys for her pardon from hell. Now, investigative tools are useless; science is moot. The evidence is clearly put before him by the testimony of murdered victims. In his rotting corpse, he returns from the grave to collect the souls of killers who got away with murder. 

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Book 1

The Gates of Hell

In the series opener, Texas Ranger Justin Graves and his juvenile delinquent daughter, Christy, are murdered by her drug-dealer boyfriend, Billy Denton.



Book 2

Night Stalker

Justin Graves goes after the man who killed a young bride on her wedding night and got away with the murder.



Book 3

Black Widow

Justin Graves seeks out a beautiful woman who kills her lovers. She's every man's dream date, but don't disappoint her... or else!!!



Book 4

Riches to Rags


Justin Graves travels to the Caribbean to roundup a gang of lawyers and accountants who’d killed an old lady for her estate, a multi-million dollar fortune she’d bequeathed to a cat rescue organization.  



Book 5

The Beauty Queen

Justin Graves infiltrates the glamorous world of child beauty queen competition to catch a killer.


Book 6

Judgment Day

Justin Graves faces his own violent nature when Billy Denton, his killer, makes a murderous escape from city jail.


Book 7

The Assassin


Justin Graves goes after escaped prisoner and cop killer Billy Denton who is out to murder Christy in her hospital bed.


Book 8

Drunk Driver


Justin Graves meets his dead wife in the afterlife and chases down a drunk driver in Deckers, Texas.


Includes The Perfect Crime

Book 9

Hate Crime

White Supremacy and the Neo Nazi Movement draws Justin to a murderer who had escaped justice on a technicality



Bonus Short Story

The Perfect Crime

Rottweiler brothers King and Cong become unwitting accessories to murder when their master comes up with the perfect way to get rid of his nagging wife

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Book 10

Behind the Badge

Bad cops make a bad call and shoot a boy who was trying to protect his mother. By using a 'drop' they escape justice but not Justin Graves


Book 11

Child's Play

A child abductor is on the loose in Deckers, Texas, and the cops don't have a clue who he is. But Justin knows, and now he's on the case.


Book 12


A crazed sniper is terrorizing the streets of Deckers, Texas.