Galactic Circle Veterinary Service, science fiction, novel


Stephen A Benjamin

Extinction: The Galactic Circle Veterinary Service Book 2

Just Desserts

short story

A Change of Heart

A Galactic Circle Short Story

A Poetic Disorder

A Galactic Circle Short Story

Howling at the Moons

A Galactic Circle Short Story

103,700 words

trade paperback (5.5"x8.5") - 384 pages

PDF e-book - 287 pages

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On a planet far far away, a young veterinarian is drafted into service by his autocratic government. Dr. Cy Bergerís family is imprisoned and threatened with torture and death if he doesnít successfully run the first-ever interplanetary veterinary service. His mission is to travel the galaxy, spread goodwill, and offer veterinary services to the inhabitants. He's given a spaceship furnished with the finest medical equipment and lab facilities, and his crew includes one veterinary assistant, one very perceptive AI, and one government agent, a racist, religious zealot. Therein lies the ulterior motive for such lavish expenditures, which have nothing to do with his profession and more to do with espionage in advance of a galactic invasion. As Cy treats a variety of alien life-forms, he builds trust and allies and falls in love, but his top priority is to find a way to free his parents and save the galaxy from impending war.


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