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"Marianne Petit weaves a beautiful tapestry in her stories that connect us to the past."
                   "Meara Platt, USA best-selling author of historical romance.
Abigail Stewart won’t win any beauty contests, but she can talk to ghosts. One day at the river where the California gold rush started, she encounters the spirits of two children who were murdered under the blue moon of 1852. Legend has it their beautiful mother, Lolita, had drowned them in the river, but now Abby is not so sure the legend is true. Heartthrob Wyatt Beaufort is a spoiled rich-kid in college; he’s all about football and pretty women, and he doesn’t remember the date he had missed with Abby for Senior Prom, a jilt she has not forgotten. She wants nothing to do with him, but in a cruel twist, the two are whisked back in time to a harsh mining camp where Abby finds herself trapped in Lolita’s beautiful body, a woman who has eyes for Wyatt and a wicked temper. Their struggle to save the children tests the power of a mother’s love and the true meaning of inner beauty.
Be careful what you wish for...
by USA Today & International Best-selling author
Marianne Petit
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69,800 words
242 pages