Fields, Stefan Zappia, short story

Stefan Zappia
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by Stefan Zappia


When World War I breaks out, Liam Reinsman, a sensitive young man from the British countryside, enlists in the Royal Army to battle the Germans on the killing fields of France. After a year of fighting, the weary soldier boy and his brother come face to face with an evil that makes human conflict seem a childish game. From beneath the earth rises a mad, feral army of mutated abominations mankind calls the Cancer. Liamís brother is killed and regiments on both sides are laid to waste as the Cancer eats, tortures, and murders its way across Europe. Having turned tail and ran, a disgraced Liam joins forces with a secret society that has emerged from the shadows to aid the world in this dire hour. Through blood, death, and hell, Liam will come to discover his destiny.