Bloodtrail, Kevin Paul Tracy, TWB Press, novel, horror, urban fantasy, vampire

Kevin Paul Tracy





73,500 words

189 pages - PDF ebook

366 pages - paperback



Kevin Paul Tracy


The Second Kathryn Desmarais Gothic Mystery


This hotly anticipated sequel to “Bloodflow” and the second Kathryn Desmarais Gothic Mystery takes Kate to sin city, Las Vegas, in search of a misguided runaway teenage girl. Kate, who is still struggling to come to terms with what she has become, runs afoul of a cabal of strange subhumans who feed off the basest, most prurient emotions of human-kind. She stumbles upon a clue to her destiny, a destiny to rule the underworld as its queen, a destiny she does not want. These creatures may seem harmless at first, but underestimating them may be the last mistake Kate ever makes.

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