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Justin Graves Series


The 13th Power Trilogy


6,400 words - 28 pages

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Terry Wright

Justin Graves seeks out a beautiful woman who kills her lovers. She's every man's dream date, but don't disappoint her...or else!!!

Janet Blaire loves weddings. There’s romance in the air, the men in their tuxedos so manly. Today she has her eye on the best man. She’s looking for the one lover who will take her higher than she’s ever been, up in the sky nearest to heaven where the fireworks fly. But there’s no satisfying Janet Blaire, frigid as a Frigidaire. Her past lovers, all failures, are dead now, victims of her bitter frustration. They’ve come to visit Justin in the afterlife, seeking retribution for the woman who kills her lovers. And that hapless best man...he’s already stumbling drunk as he opens the motel room door and falls on the bed, arm in arm with the black widow.


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      Praise for Black Widow

Black Widow is vintage Terry Wright. Justin Graves devises the perfect, dark, and creepy punishment for a woman who takes "loving a man to death" literally.

                                             Jeanne Stein, Best Selling Author of the Anna Strong Vampire Bounty Hunter Series.