Below Par, Lane Cohen, TWB Press, novel, adult, humor, golf


Lane Cohen


93,400 words

462 pages




Charley Davis, brokenhearted since his girlfriend dumped him, is living a dead-end life and working a mediocre job when his uncle offers him a path to a better future: “Quit your job and learn to play golf as good as the pros in only nine months.” Charley, who has never played a round of golf, declines, but when his boss makes him a part of an illegal scheme, Charley quits his job and reluctantly accepts his uncle’s challenge. Skeptical at first, Charley works with oddball trainers, a stray mutt befriends him, and without warning, his uncle brings in the ex-girlfriend to film his progress. Torn between past emotions and future love interests, Charley’s journey to become a pro golfer is further complicated by an additional requirement. He has to do it all...blindfolded.  

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